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ash::trait::has_trivial_destructor< const T > Struct Template Reference

Spec for const. More...

#include <ash/type_traits.h>

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Public Types

typedef bool value_type
 The wrapped type.
typedef integral_constant
< bool, v > 
 The wrapper type.

Static Public Attributes

static const bool value
 The result of the test.
static const bool value
 The result of the test.
static const bool value
 The wrapped value.

Detailed Description

template<class T>
struct ash::trait::has_trivial_destructor< const T >

Spec for const.

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Member Typedef Documentation

typedef integral_constant<bool , v> ash::trait::integral_constant< bool , v >::type [inherited]

The wrapper type.

typedef bool ash::trait::integral_constant< bool , v >::value_type [inherited]

The wrapped type.

Member Data Documentation

const bool ash::trait::integral_constant< bool , v >::value [static, inherited]

The wrapped value.

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