impl Directory Reference

The subdirectory for implementation internals.


Directory dependency graph for ash/impl/:


file  alloc.h

Allocator classes and helpers.

file  ash_common.h

Common header.

file  ash_config.h


file  ash_macros.h

Utility macros used internally.

file  dense_hashtable.h

The dense_hashtable class and helpers.

file  dense_hashtable.tcc

Non-inline dense_hashtable members/methods.

file  geometric_iterators.h

Special iterators for morton-based matrices and grids.

file  geometric_iterators.tcc

Non-inline functions and static members for the geometric iterator classes.

file  hashgraph.h

The hashgraph class and helpers.

file  hashgrid.h

Grid extensions for hashgraph.

file  hashgrid.tcc

Non-inline hashgrid members/methods.

file  hashlist.h

List extensions for hashgraph.

file  hashmatrix.h

Matrix extensions for hashmap.

file  hashmatrix.tcc

Non-inline hashmatrix members/methods.

file  hsieh_hash.h

Hash functor helpers based on Paul Hsieh's SuperFastHash().

file  key_assoc_container.h

Functors, etc used by key-associative containers.

file  libc_allocator_with_realloc.h
file  morton_impl.h
file  morton_masks.h

Masks for MortonXY and MortonXYZ.

file  node.h

Node classes and functors.

file  pcoord_masks.h

Masks for PcoordXY and PCoordXYZ.

file  point.h
file  sparse_group.h

The sparse_group class and helpers.

file  sparse_hashtable.h

The sparse_hashtable class and helpers.

file  sparse_hashtable.tcc

Non-inline sparse_hashtable members/methods.

Detailed Description

The subdirectory for implementation internals.

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