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sparse_hashtable.h File Reference

The sparse_hashtable class and helpers. More...

#include <algorithm>
#include <ash/impl/key_assoc_container.h>
#include <ash/sparse_table.h>
#include "sparse_hashtable.tcc"
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class  ash::sparse_hashtable< Value, Key, HashFx, KeyAccess, EqualKey, TblAlloc >
 Hash table class from the google-sparsehash package, optimized for frugal memory use. More...


namespace  ash
 The base namespace for everything in the library.


#define SPARSEHASH_STAT_UPDATE(x)   ((void) 0)
#define JUMP_(key, num_probes)   ( num_probes )


template<typename V , typename K , class HF , class KA , class EqK , class TA >
void ash::swap (sparse_hashtable< V, K, HF, KA, EqK, TA > &x, sparse_hashtable< V, K, HF, KA, EqK, TA > &y)


static const uint16 ash::DEFAULT_GROUP_SIZE = 48

Detailed Description

The sparse_hashtable class and helpers.

Craig Silverstein (csilvers)
Adam Martinson (Loki)
License: BSD

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