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concept::stl::random_access_iterator Struct Reference

Random Access Iterator concept. More...

#include <dox/tag/concept/stl/iterator.hpp>

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Public Types

typedef random_access_iterator_tag iterator_category
typedef void value_type
typedef value_type * pointer
typedef value_type & reference
typedef ptrdiff_t difference_type

Public Member Functions

bidirectional_iteratoroperator-- ()
bidirectional_iteratoroperator-- (int)
input_iteratoroperator++ ()
input_iteratoroperator++ (int)
output_iteratoroperator++ ()
output_iteratoroperator++ (int)
reference operator* () const
pointer operator-> () const
Comparison Methods
bool operator== (equality_comparable const &e)
 Equality operator.

Related Functions

(Note that these are not member functions.)

void swap (assignable &a1, assignable &a2)
 Global swap.
void swap (assignable &a1, assignable &a2)
 Global swap.

Detailed Description

Random Access Iterator concept.

Member Function Documentation

bool concept::stl::equality_comparable::operator== ( equality_comparable const &  e) [inherited]

Equality operator.

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